Trailhead Integration

Trailhead is our "LMS" Learning Management System that enables our users to get hands-on and learn Salesforce.
The goal is to integrate Trailhead into our corporate Marketing site



My Role

Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

3 students
Salesforce Digital Experience Team

Road Mapping
User Testing


Gathering Information

1 Read previous user interview data from Salesforce
2 Document all kinds of features in and Trailhead

Research - Competitor Aanalysis

We opted for industry research. Our objectives were twofold:

1 Uncover shared standards for free-trial web experiences among similar and dissimilar businesses
2 Leverage these findings to assess how Salesforce can improve its own practices

User Personas

Affinity Diagramming

To understand these findings, we used affinity diagrams to aggregate similar points and understand repeating patterns. This is a great way to gain insight and plan our next steps.

Concept Hypothesis

After conducting research and understanding users of Trailhead, we generated 7 concept hypothesis statements.

Subsequently, in collaboration with the Salesforce team, we evaluated each hypothesis using prioritization metrics, and arranged them in descending order of scores. This facilitated the swift identification of the concept that would require the least effort and have the greatest positive impact.

Ultimately, we opted to proceed with the concept hypothesis that received the highest score in our prioritization framework.

To view the detailed prioritization work, please click here.


User needs

User personas seek

1 proof of learning
2 self-lead/paced learning and
3 support in learning


But page doesn't mention it explicitly, which leading to a lower click through rate.

Hypothesis Statement

If our research suggests that user personas seek a) proof of learning, b) self-lead/paced learning and c) support in learning, but it's not mentioned on SFDC page leading to a lower click rate, then by adding information about a) certifications, b) trail-mixes, and c) community, we'll see a higher click through rate.


To rapidly visualize a significant user flow, we employed mid-fidelity wireframes and subjected them to testing with a novice user. This allowed us to assess the coherence of the user flow and identify potential usability challenges prior to advancing to higher fidelity.

User Testing

A/B Testing

To verify that our solution surpasses the current Salesforce experience, we recruited two sets of participants with no familiarity or understanding of Salesforce products to undertake A/B testing.

User testing goals

Familiarity with Trailhead including

- Its three core offerings (skills, certifications, and community)
- Active engagement with Trailhead content
- A desire to further explore

During the testing

We asked participants for both specific and open feedback. We used this feedback to compare our prototypes with each other, as our testing goals served as the guidelines for comparison.

User testing plan

We conducted moderated testing with 6 participants, and this included both in-person and online sessions. 

In the test, we gave the following tasks to the participants
- Going through
- Exploring the content about Trailhead on

User testing questions

- Would you scroll past the Trailhead section or stop at it? Why?
- What are your first thoughts on seeing this section?
- What do you think Trailhead is?
- Is there any part in this section that you don’t understand?
- How would you rate the understandability of this section on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being very easy to understand.
- If you were to click on one of these three cards which one would it be and why?
- How interested do you feel in exploring Trailhead on seeing this section on a scale of 5 with 5 being strongly interested?

Impact - A/B Testing

These participants were tasked with identifying a CRM product suitable for managing customer relations in a retail business and initiating a free trial of the product.

We then asked them to rate their confidence on a scale of 1 to 10 regarding whether they had landed on the correct product, and timed how quickly they completed the assigned task.


After working with Salesforce Dgital Experience Team for 4 months, thorough research, concept building, and testing, we provided several key recommendations to enhance Trailhead free-trial experience and boost the conversion of first-time users.

Personalized Guidance

Firstly, we suggested integrating a more personalized guided selling process that would help identify users' needs in Salesforce products and recommend more suitable products for them to start their free-trial with.

Identify user mental models

Secondly, we recommended conducting additional research on how users arrive at the right products, as efficiently helping users find the right product increases their confidence in Salesforce and subscription rate.

Revamp existing Trailhead Guidance

Lastly, we advised revamping the existing guided selling experience "Salesforce 360" and making it more prominent on the website, perhaps even considering placing it on the homepage.

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