Rocket Companies

During summer 2022, I work as a UX design intern at Rocket Companies in Detroit, Michigan. I work with Rocket Product Strategy team to design and develop client experience features.

Duration: May - August 2022 (Launching soon)
Role: UX Design Intern
Tools: Figma, Lucidspark, Microsoft Teams, Airtable, Productboard, Wrike
Team: Rocket product strategy team

Internship 🦋

I interned with the Rocket Central Product Strategy team, where I worked on designing customer-facing features and tools to improve the clients onboarding experience and workflow efficiency.

I had an amazing experience working on various projects throughout the summer. My work included leading brainstorming session, framing problems, quick prototyping, getting feedback. I work closely with PM and developers adopting agile development cycle by handing off consistent and scalable design.

Rocket moments 💚

My summer story 📙

Before I talked about all the exciting stuff......

The work I have done in this summer is in production and confidential. Although I cannot talk the final design here, I would like to share my experience and learning. If you would love to know more about the project, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at 💌

Designed & Shipped features to Rocket Mortgage

The goal was to allow serviced clients to get broader insights on their current loan and get nurtured on how they can plan for future payments and refinancing.

2 projects; 12 weeks; Many friends+coworkers......

- Revamp the Loan info Page for customers of Rocket Mortgage
- Filter Patterns Exploration of Rocket Transaction History

Explored the future of Rocket Mortgage

As a side project, I collaborated with another design intern on brainstorming session and pair design. We presented our proposals to the leadership team.

Hack Week 2022

I participate the yearly internal hackathon event with data intelligence team. I worked with business analysts, soft engineers, data scientists to explore ways about LOLA Right-to-Delete Solution helping to resolve customer requests in a timely manner.

I can give an overview about projects I have done during the summer internship!

# Project 1

Problem Statement

How might we provide more context into the loan
for the customer to
have better transparency and confidence?

Hifi Concept

Further Consideration - User Tesitng

Overall goal is to test the usability and understanding of the data presented on the loan info page.

# Project 2
Filter Patterns Exploration of Rocket Transaction History


Upon familiarizing ourselves with the Servicing space, our transaction details page was discovered, using a filter component that could do some improvements.

Problem Statement

Rocket ecosystem have inconsistent patterns
for filtering
information or data.

How might we update filter patterns
making more sense to users?

My Solution

To understand best filtering practices within UX and provide a suggestion for ways we can utilize these practices in Rocket Platform.

Further Consideration

🐥 Continually talk to RDS team to see if it is consistent with Brand.
🐥Continually talk to Tech team to assess implementation and move on to the HIFI delivery phase
🐥 Do user test to compare the data between two versions and collect user feedback

What my team said about me 🍵

You're doing amazing on this team! You're curious and ask questions to understand the problem and learn more about Rocket.

You're collaborative with Brandon and us during these sprint activities and continue to deliver on the tasks and action items given to you. Keep up the great work and your curiosity! I was especially impressed with how much detail you delivered after talking to different roles. Understanding each other is a huge part to keep us collaborative and empathetic to each other.

Challenges ⛰️

Dive into the Fintech and mortgage domain; Quickly navigate and learn domain knowledge.

Put myself in customers’ shoes and understand the clients’ moments. Going through different clients’ mental model to understand Experience Blueprint of various platforms in Rocket ecosystem. 

Rocket Companies has a large ecosystem and is constantly improving. I navigate in Rocket Mortgage, Rocket Homes, Rocket loans, Rocket solar, Rocket Money and various domains to understand how does each part to nurture the whole ecosystem and vice versa. 

Takeaways 🍥

Problem solving comes from understanding. Identify the real problem is critical before jump into the design process.

Get feedback efficiently.
Clarify which aspect advice you want in the critique section is important. 

Communicate your design.
What design is not very important. The important thing is to articulate why you design in this way and how it solves problem efficiently.

Be open to any ideas and new tools.
Design is continually improving. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t stop thinking. 

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